The Great Aussie Yarn

As told in his own unique style by the late Maurie FieldsMaurie Fields

  • These Yarns are available only to Radio, and have never been released to the Public.
  • They were recorded by Maurie exclusively for Surfers Sound.
  • Six "CD’s are available, each containing 32 or 33 yarns.
  • Each Yarn is "ID’d", 1 to 32. (Or 33)
  • A printed listing shows the name of each yarn, and it’s individual duration. The average duration is about 1 minute 20 seconds.
  • The Yarns have been fully edited for Radio and are "Top and Tailed" with a unique banjo pickin’ theme

Maurie Fields
You will understand that the "demo" download quality is not as good as the CD. A demo CD of these yarns can be sent to you if you wish.

The current license fee provides you with a license to broadcast for a period of six weeks for each CD. This enables you to broadcast a new yarn each weekday should you so wish. You may use the yarns as many times as you like within the six weeks. The CD must be sent back to us when finished, and any digital copies destroyed.

If you wish to purchase a license to broadcast Maurie’s Yarns, please contact us.

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